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celebrates National Health Center Week – Clarksdale Press Register: News Larger font size Posted: Tuesday, August 16, 2016 2:39 pm AEH Community Health Services Center Inc. celebrates National Health Center Week STAFF REPORTS Clarksdale Press Register | 0comments The second week of August each year is National Health Center Week. This years theme was: Celebrating Americas Health Centers: Innovators in Community Health. National Health Center Week has been celebrated for more than 30 years to recognize the services and contributions of community, migrant, homeless and public housing health centers. While there are countless reasons to celebrate Americas health centers, among the most important and unique is their long success in providing access to affordable, high-quality and cost-effective health care to medically vulnerable and underserved people throughout the United States. America’s health centers now serve over 20 million people (including 925,000 farmworkers and nearly 940,000 homeless citizens) in 7,000 communities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. kAmp2C@? t] w6?CJ r@>>F?:EJ w62=E9 r6?E6C D6CG65 @G6C `e[___ 4=:6?ED E9C@F89@FE :ED D6CG:46 2C62i r@29@>2[ “F:E>2?[ !2?@=2[ %2==292E49:6[ %2E6 2?help interview5 %F?:42 4@F?E:6D] {:6D2<6[ :ED H@C@DE[ 286?ED @7 492?86 2?5 C6G:G2= :? @FC 4@>>F?:E:6D] pD E96J C6249 @FE[ E96J >@G6 7@CH2C5] p?5 E96J :?G:E6 E96 AF3=:4 E@ >@G6 H:E9 E96>]k^Am kAm%9:D J62CD 46=63C2E:@? 3682?medical gp interview questions

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