A Look At Establishing Indispensable Issues For Selection For Physician

Dr. Parikshit Kumar reviews documents in Tuscola Primary Care in Caro. Kumar has nearly 40 years experience as a pediatrician in the area, claiming to serve up to 1,500 children in his career. (Photo by John Cook). In his career, Kumar said he found ways to make children happy and comfortable in the doctors office, while others have presented a challenge. Most of the children are good but when they are one-and-a-half, two years old, they have temper tantrums so they scream at you, kick you, said Kumar. We get used to it. (Story continues below video) For Kumar, dealing with children acting out is usually a healthy sign because those who dont feel well typically will not react in tantrums. Sometimes they come and hide in the chair and run around, recalled Kumar of some incorrigible children. To get kids on their good side, Kumar said he will play with the children first then talks to boys about Hot Wheels, G.I. Joe and Lego. His understanding of what girls enjoyed was never as easy as the boys, he explained. Girls, now, (its) the Frozen dolls, he home added. And dolls. I actually didnt know what Frozen was. One said I want a Frozen doll, and I said, why do you want such a cold doll? I didnt know Frozen was a cartoon movie. Kumar had two children of his own: Anand, who died more than 20 years ago and Gururaj, 42, who graduated from Caro High School and now lives in Chicago.

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